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  • No member shall disparage another member or the Association in public or in the course of EDUSA meetings.
  • Every member shall strive to uphold both the letter and the spirit of the EDUSA Membership Guidelines and the Constitution.
  • Every member shall do their best to promote EDUSA in the course of doing business both in South Africa and overseas.
  • No member shall engage in activities which are in violation of EDUSA guidelines or which may reflect negatively upon EDUSA 's reputation.
  • Every member shall report in writing any actual or suspected infractions of any EDUSA guideline/s, as specified in the Constitution, committed by a Member or an agent associated with a Member to the EDUSA Executive.
  • No member shall place advertisements which falsely represent the institutions or its programmes.
  • In the event of a dispute between members, members shall submit to the arbitration of the Executive. Should the dispute be between a Member and EDUSA, the parties will submit to the arbitration of an outside body designated by the Executive.
  • Every member shall maintain ethical standards and conduct business in strict accordance with South African and international laws.
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