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Please note: if you do not enter a discount, it will be accepted that you offer a 5% discount on services. Click here to find out more about Moola Magic.

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I/ We, as a tourism operator/ tourism operators and a member of the South African Youth Travel Confederation, agree and undertake –

  • to provide services of excellent standard and quality to all tourists regardless of race, gender, religion or place of origin;\ to do all practically possible to ensure the safety and security of tourists who utilise our services or patronise our premises;
  • to treat the environment with respect;
  • to be an ambassador at all times for the “backpacking and adventure industry” and South Africa;
  • to uphold the World Tourism Organisation’s (WTO’s) Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (a copy of this document can be downloaded from the Backpacking South Africa website here) and
  • to honour discounts claimed by Moola Magic card holders.
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