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Benefits of membership


SAYTC markets Southern Africa as premier backpacking and youth tourism destination, both internationally and locally. SAYTC also markets membersí products to other members and at international travel expos.

International travel shows

SAYTC attends a few international trade shows a year. We are always looking for funding opportunities and have succeeded in getting major funding for our members over the past 5 years. Obtaining funding is a continuous journey and we will always work through many different channels to secure future funding.

Tourism Indaba

SAYTC has the busiest stand in the ICC hall during Indaba. SAYTC members can be sharing exhibitors on our stand where you can get direct business, referrals within the stand and doing business with other sharing exhibitors and SAYTC members.
SAYTC also hosts a very successful and popular party during Indaba at one of the backpacker establishments.

Marketing material

SAYTC regularly prints brochure maps that lists all members, their products or services and contact details. Brochure maps are distributed at:

  • international trade shows and selected travel agencies abroad
  • SAT in Australia
  • DTI offices in Chicago, New York and Italy
  • selected South African Tourism and South African Consulate offices abroad
  • key tourist information centres and travel centres countrywide
  • the establishments of all SAYTC members

Each year SAYTC also prints an A4 Show manual that highlights regions in SA, travel info and services in SA etc, catering to the international traveller. Members have the opportunity to advertise in this brochure that gets distributed at international shows, to give them exposure even if they are not attending the shows themselves.


Every SAYTC full member gets a listing on the SAYTC website. The listing has a direct link to the memberís own website. Current domains registered include:



BnB offers SAYTC members 15% discount on insurance. BnB Sure specialises in guesthouse, backpacker and B&B insurance.


SAYTC offers a powerful networking tool as it promotes and recommends SAYTC members amongst each other. Regional networking functions are held regularly and National functions are held annually. This networking strengthens your business and promotes regional cooperation.


SAYTC is the united voice of the backpacking and adventure industry. It creates and maintains good relationships with other government, regional, national and international bodies in the tourism and travel industry. SAYTC represents you on the:

  • Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA)
  • Fair Trade and Tourism (FTTSA)
  • ALTO
  • South African Tourism website
  • The Federated Hospitality Association of SA (FEDHASA)
  • WYSE Travel Confederation who represents the international youth market at the UN World Tourism Organisation
  • WYSE Work Abroad

Information and statistics

SAYTC has been assisting the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and NEDLAC with the Backpacker Tourism Sector Study. As a member you have exclusive access to the latest statistics relating to our industry.
As a SAYTC member, you will also receive:

  • a newsletter providing interesting info and keeping you up to date with SAYTC and general travel industry news
  • your regional reports and other regional, show and conference reports
  • access to the latest industry research and statistics
  • crime watch notices: SAYTC assists in the protection of members and guests by reporting and circulating incidents of theft, bilking and missing persons

Moola Magic

Moola Magic is a loyalty discount program that rewards travellers who spend their moola at SAYTC establishments. Travellers can buy Moola Magic at any participating member or online The Moola Magic card entitles the holder to discounts at discounters around Southern Africa.

Moola Magic is an opportunity for you to recoup your membership fee & get more backpackers in your beds and on your tours.


Moola Magic benefits for you:

  • on signing up as a member, SAYTC will reward you with 10 FREE moola cards that you can sell to members for R 120 each, making R 1200 that you can spend on yourself, or towards your membership as you please
  • more clientele as Moola Magic card holders will choose to graze on your patch
  • opportunity to profit from further Moola Magic sales
  • being part of the biggest youth tourism network in South Africa

Membership tiers

Full membership

Accommodation establishments that register for membership with backpacking South Africa must be accredited by any of the following - AA, SATSA (South African Tourism Services), TKZN (Tourism Kwa Zulul Natal), TGCSA ( Tourism Grading Council SA), Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa OR  the Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency (ECPTA). Tour operators and transport providers (TatSA), as well as volunteer operators (VolSA) need public liability only but are encouraged to be accredited by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa.

  • Full members receive all mails on runners, meetings, newsletters etc.
  • Full members may attend meetings and networking
  • Listing on website
  • DTI funding
  • Brochures, Moola maps, advertising benefits
  • Use of SAYTC logos
  • Voting rights

Associate membership

Targeted at smaller members who canít pay full fees or get accredited as they want to stay small, eg. a 2 room backpackers in the Transkei or a township walking tour.

  • Pay 50% of lowest membership tier.
  • Must be nominated by 2 Full current members
  • An executive committee member or SAYTC coordinator will inspect the premises or before itís accepted
  • Objections can be given by Full members
  • Benefits:
    • Associate members receive all mails on runners, meetings, newsletters etc.
    • Associate members may attend meetings and networking
    • Separate listing on website under different category with a clear message stating that SAYTC cannot guarantee the standard or quality of the establishment.
  • Cannot use SATYC logo on website/ flyers, no funding, no advertising benefits, no voting, no banner ads etc

Incubator members:

  • Targeted at small businesses / start up businesses that want to get a feel for the industry and the organization.
  • Full members can mentor them and help them to grow and become full time members
  • Available for new members only - for the maximum of one year
  • Education establishments and language schools (EduSA) are not eligible as incubator members, and can only apply for Full or Associate Membership
  • Benefits:
    • Incubator members receive all mails on runners, meetings, newsletters etc.
    • Incubator members may attend meetings and networking

Membership rates

Pro rata rates will apply. Business outside of South Africa qualify for a 15% discount off the given rate. Contact for more info.

Accommodation Full Member: ( to qualify you have to be graded with an accreditation body that SAYTC and the DTI recognizes)

  • 30 beds or less - R2100
  • 31 to 60 - R3200
  • 61 above - R4200

Language centres:

  • Full Members pay - R4200
  • Associate members pay - R2100

Wheels/ Adventure: (pax a year)

  • Under 100 pax - R2100
  • 101 Ė 500 pax - 3200
  • 501 above - R4200

Volunteers/ Interns:

  • Below 50 a year - R2100
  • 51 to 120 - R3200
  • 121 above - R4200

Affiliate members:

  • Below 1 mil turnover - R2100
  • 1mil to 2 mil turn over - R3200
  • + 2 mil turn over - R4200

2nd businesses will be registered as follows:

  • 1st business registered must be the biggest business and R1500 for every business thereafter

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