Street Scene Tours

What do we do?

We specialise in giving our guests a real, unique and first class experience as we explore the diverse cultural melting pot of Durban and KwaZulu-Natal.


  • We give back to the communities that we visit.
  • Our long term goal is to empower the communities with ways for them to benefit first hand in tourism.
  • We are totally committed to taking care of our guests every needs.
  • Our tours are not just a trip to a destination but a journey that we take our guests on from the moment we meet and greet to the farewell wave.
  • There is no other tour company doing what we do in Durban - we are unique!
  • We personify what makes our Rainbow Nation so great.
  • Clients are guaranteed to receive world class service from the very first form of communication - email, text or phone call.
  • Street Scene believes that Durban is undergoing a revolution and will soon be one of the top destinations to visit world wide and we are pioneering the New Era.


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