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UR Card is a local prepaid debit card designed to be used where your conventional ATM or credit card just wonít cut it.


Introducing the safe and smart alternative to your conventional bank and credit card

UR Card, a local prepaid debit card designed to be used where your conventional ATM or credit card just wonít cut it. Working on a simple top up-based system, this convenient piece of plastic is ideal for budgeting and keeping tabs on disposable income, can be safely given to kids instead of cash, can be used as a corporate petty cash or petrol card and is even useful for managing your businessís payroll.

And because the team behind it has years of experience and conceptualized the card to address issues they themselves were facing, you can rest assured that it delivers what it promises.
To highlight the value of this creation, weíve compiled a bit of a breakdown on UR Card below, including information on who exactly can benefit by purchasing one, why itís a great alternative to credit and ATM cards in South Africa and how it actually works.


UR Card is highly recommended for foreigners in SA. The card can be loaded with rand at a fixed exchange rate from either a local or foreign bank account and then used to withdraw money at any ATM in any city or make purchases at all MasterCard electronic pay points, which can be found everywhere, from supermarkets to petrol stations to hotel receptions. In essence, using this convenient card is similar to using cold cash, but without having to actually carry money around, and because you only do the currency conversion once on loading, you donít have to worry about fluctuating exchange rates.


A UR Card will never entirely replace your local bank and credit card, as it cannot be used for debit orders, EFTs or for making purchases with money you donít have, but it is a better option for day-to-day spending for a number of reasons:

The charges associated with using a UR Card can be much lower than those incurred with local credit and debit cards. For instance, swiping at any MasterCard pay point is always FREE, and cash withdrawal fees are fixed at a certain rate (R8.50 at Standard Bank ATMs and R14.20 at all others) with no percentage being charged on the amount drawn over and above this. Hence, you can save significantly with this card.

All the charges are clearly laid out, so you arenít blindsided by hidden costs and fine print like you are so often with conventional bank cards.

The funds loaded on a PIN-protected UR Card are completely separate from your bank account, and so even if itís stolen, you donít have to worry about losing your lifeís savings to fraud.

If you lose or break a conventional credit or debit card, you can wait up to a week for it to be replaced and waste lots of time on admin. With UR Card, replacement is easy and immediate Ė you just call the 24-hour emergency service number (+27 (0) 86 111 5196) to block the card and then pick up a new one with your remaining funds reloaded at your closest trader.

While a bank card is simply a financial piece of plastic, a UR Card offers holders a range of services, including discounts on local trips, tours, activities and lodging (the company will book for you).
Because UR Card is prepaid and only loaded with a set pre-determined amount of your choice, you can control exactly how much money is used and prevent reckless overspending.


The UR Card can be ordered via the web page www.urcard.co.za or alternatively via the official UR Card Vendors ( www.urcard.co.za/vendors.html ). Once you have your UR Card registered you can load funds onto it either by doing an EFT to the bank account listed in the pocket guide or by depositing cash into the account at any Standard Bank branch (use the unique 16 digit number on the card as a reference). Or the easiest and most direct option is to contact the friendly UR Card staff via +27 21 424 6937.

With money loaded, you can swipe at any MasterCard pay point and withdraw cash from all major ATMs in South Africa.

If a top up is needed, reload funds for only R5.

To view your balance, purchase airtime and more, simply visit Urcard.co.za and login with your card and sequence number (both found printed on the card).

Transact away and enjoy all the perks of this innovative plastic.

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