Coffee Bay

Coffee Bay

The one sealed road into Coffee Bay is well used. Every traveller to visit this rural village has fallen in love with its honeyed beaches, azure waters. rolling green hills and the modest Xhosa way of life.

Activities and sightseeing in the area

Xhosa culture

The Xhosa around Coffee Bay still live in the traditional tribal way. They are mostly subsistence farmers who live in mud huts without modern conveniences. They continue to consult traditional healers, have ceremonies , undergo coming-of-age rituals, drink home brews, sing and drum as in the past.


Hikes from Coffee Bay wind along the coastline and over the hills to sea cliffs, caves and waterfalls. Depending on how gutsy you're feeling, you can explore these caves or plunge into the sea from the heights of the cliffs.


There are several surf spots along the coast from Coffee Bay. Coffee Bay itself has a few good point and beach breaks.

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall is a dramatic archway in a rock column slightly out to sea. It is only 7km away from Coffee Bay, so you can drive or hike the trail along the coastal dunes. A challenge once you get there is to swim out to the hole and climb the rocks to the top.


Experienced riders can ride through the hills or on the beach.