Port St Johns

Port St Johns

Get your camera ready for your first look at Port St. Johns. The mighty Umzimvubu River winds between the imposing cliffs of Mount Thesiger. Thick tropical forest cling to the hills. This jewel of a town will continue to impress you. It has three beaches. Second beach, 5km east of the village centre is the prettiest.

Activities and sightseeing

Hiking and exploring

Hikes wind along sea cliffs and rivers and through thick coastal forest. They lead to secluded beaches, waterfalls and imposing cliffs. You can also canoe down the Umzimvubu river.

Xhosa and Pondo culture

The Xhosa and Pondo still retain much of their traditional lives. They are mostly subsistence farmers who farm maize and keep some animals. Family life is very important with extended families living in the same kraal. Traditional customs are still practised.

Colourful characters

Interesting people of all varieties have always been attracted to Port St Johns. Some are free spirits seeking escape from the trappings of modern life. Others are nature lovers, tourists who fall in love with Port St. Johns and locals with larger than life personalities. If you don't spot these characters on the beach or on the street, ask around for their interesting tales.