Gansbaai began as a modest fishing village that supplied processed shark livers for lubricants and Vitamin A. The status of the shark has since been elevated and Gansbaai is the premier destination for great white viewing and cage diving.

Kleinbaai is situated 3km from Gansbaai. Kleinbaai harbour is the launch point for the local shark diving boats as well as whale watching boats that also tour around Dyer Island.

Activities and sightseeing in the area

Shark Alley

'Shark Alley' is a shallow, narrow channel between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock. Some believe the sharks prowl this channel because of the 30 000 Cape Fur Seals that colonise Geyser Rock. Others believe that the winter waters are rich with the sharl's favourite fish. These predators can be seen from April to December.

Whale watching

Gansbaai rivals Hermanus for land-based whale watching. Southern Right whales can be viewed from June to December.