Franschhoek is a small town and one of the oldest towns in South Africa. The Franschhoek Valley was initially settled by French Huguenots in 1688, which explains the town's name which means "French corner".

Activities and sightseeing in the area

Wine tasting

The Huguenots established vineyards and today, Franschhoek's wineries are renowned.

Dining out

Franschhoek has some of South Africa's best-rated restaurants. You can either head out to the main road or dine at a restaurant at one of the wineries.

Huguenot Memorial and Museum

The Huguenot Museum chronicles the history of the first settlers, with each of the original Huguenot farms having its own fascinating story to tell.

Outdoor activities

The surrounding vineyards, orchards and mountains can be easily explored on foot, bike or horse-back.