Moola Magic

Moola Magic is a loyalty discount program that rewards travellers who spend their moola at SAYTC establishments. Travellers can buy Moola Magic at any participating member or online The Moola Magic card entitles the holder to discounts at over 160 discounters around Southern Africa.
Moola Magic is an opportunity for you to recoup your membership fee & get more backpackers in your beds and on your tours.

To qualify for Moola membership, you have to:

  • be a paid-up member of SAYTC
  • offer a discount of 5% to Moola Magic card holders if you’re a backpacker’s lodge
  • offer a discount of at least 5% if you offer non-accommodation services

And in return, you get these benefits:

  • More clientele as Moola Magic card holders will choose to graze on your patch
  • 10 free Moola packs(containing ¬a discount card and booklet) which you can sell for R120 each. Wow, you’ve made R1200 and have discounted membership to SAYTC
  • Opportunity to profit from further Moola Magic sales
  • Being part of the biggest youth tourism network in South Africa